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Are you looking for highly specialized foundations? Do you want to work with a logistics specialist who knows exactly what it takes to transport your wind turbines? Are you looking forward to working with a partner you can fully trust when it comes to dismantling your wind farm?

XAL is your service provider in the wind energy sector for the following areas:

  • highly specialized and effectively secured transport of your wind turbines and components
  • foundations and erection of wind turbines
  • inspection and maintenance services for wind turbine models by the following manufacturers: Enercon, Vestas, Nordex, Micon
  • we organize and conduct the dismantling of your wind power plants, including removal of the foundations and restoring the site to its original condition

Entrust us with your project! We provide all necessary services and take care of a smooth implementation. We can offer our key skills mainly in Europe and the U.S.

Contact us! We’ll find the best solution for your project, too.

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